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    First Class Support for Palletised Freight Between GB and Northern Ireland

Brexit – GB to NI & NI to GB

Make sure that you are ready for Brexit, AND make sure that your customers are ready too

  • Remember - Northern Ireland is in a unique position. It stays as a part of the EU single market - and also - the UK domestic market. As such there are changes to how freight will move from the 1st January 2021.
  • For goods travelling from Northern Ireland to GB, there are no changes to the way freight currently flows.

  • For goods travelling from GB to Northern Ireland, Import declarations and Safety and Security Declarations (SSD) will apply. The following actions are required to comply

    • Apply for and obtain your EORI number. If the HMRC assess that you may require an additional NI specific EORI number (starting XI) this will be automatically sent to you by mid-December.
    • Register for the Trader Support Service (TSS) which has been set up to facilitate import declaration submissions for NI bound consignments from GB. Any of your customers sending goods to NI should register without delay - tradersupportservice.co.uk
    • All movements must be accompanied by the sender and recipients EORI numbers and additional information may be required but is subject to a final decision. To be advised
    • Classify your goods – ensure you have the correct commodity codes. Commodity codes, Duty (If applicable and VAT rates can be checked at www.gov.uk/trade-tariff. Correct classification is important to avoid any unexpected additional processes and could also identify goods that qualify under any free trade agreement
    • Goods that contain any products of animal or plant origin may require additional health certificates

Northern Ireland Procedures

The link here will help you and your customers through the new procedures for consignments to and from Northern Ireland from the 1st January 2021.

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