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    First Class Travel is about Unity

Our People

  • Unique knowledge, skills, and experience
  • Highly trained, highly motivated individuals
  • Engaged employees with a positive attitude
  • People who understand your needs
  • People who commit to meeting them
  • People who care about your business

At UPN it’s our people that make us different. At UPN we take pride in our flexibility and accessibility.

We are always working with you and for you and looking for ways to help you to deliver the promises that you make to your own clients.

  • Energy, Enthusiasm, and Commitment
  • Teamwork that comes from the heart
  • Dedication, Professionalism, and Expertise

You can rely on UPN People. When it’s all going well it’s sometimes difficult to choose between one service and another. It’s when challenges arise that it becomes clear that all companies are not the same.

With UPN you can be confident that our people will support you enthusiastically in the good times and the bad, when it’s all going well, and when it’s going not so well. You can be confident that UPN people will always go the extra mile.