Team UPN. A Thankyou

A Thank You to All UPN Staff
and UPN Member Staff.

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your on-going personal support at this unprecedented and uniquely challenging time. Within UK and indeed globally we are all experiencing a challenge and situation the like of which most of us have never faced in our lifetime.

You are making a huge difference to the lives of so many people through your commitment to your roles. You are helping to keep the UK logistics supply chain going. Our essential work is helping everyone all over the UK, its enabling us all to enjoy as much normality as possible at this truly abnormal time.

All of us in the Logistics Sector and the Pallet Network Sector are being recognised by the Government as – Key Workers – people whose commitment, teamwork, and contribution are being counted upon like never before. It’s the responsibility of all of us to keep our contribution strong; our country is absolutely relying on us to “Deliver”, in every sense of the word.

The Logistics Sector and the Pallet Network Sector are crucial to the wellbeing of our country. Your hard work and on-going efforts are genuinely appreciated, not just by UPN, but by the nation, from our biggest businesses to the most vulnerable of our population.

You should be really proud of how you are helping to keep things going right across the UK.

Stay well, stay safe, stay positive, stay strong,

David Brown


Managing Director – United Pallet Network
#TeamUPN #StrongerTogether

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