UPN 2020 Annual Awards – “Team UPN” are All Winners!!

In January, UPN completed a two-week programme of “Remote” UPN 2020 Annual Awards presentations, its first ever, and indeed hopefully last. Although it has been in no way ideal, it has been a much better alternative than letting the year slip by unrecognised.

Despite and indeed due to, the challenges and restrictions imposed by Covid 19, UPN really felt the company needed to do something meaningful this year. So, over the past two weeks UPN has recognised star performers across its quality member network –

  • Its 15 National Award winners,
  • Its 6 Regional Award winners,
  • Its 37 Platinum Award winners,
  • Its 57 Gold Award winners.

These star performers have provided the icing for the “Team UPN” Cake, but it has been the network as a whole that is providing the essential ingredients that make “Team UPN” so special. It has been a collaborative mix of members nationwide network all working together that has, especially this year, helped UPN to further consolidate its position as the quality pallet network.

Up and down the UK, the UPN member network of Key Workers has been meeting and beating difficult and unusual challenges on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Pulling together like never before, tolerant of each other’s issues and problems, helping each other out whenever possible, and maximising the performance of the UPN network at this difficult time.

UPN continues to grow strongly and steadily and maintaining its commitment to being the high-quality network – First Class Travel for Palletised Freight 


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