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Why Use UPN?

  • A proven, sustainable and economical palletised freight solution
  • Significant operational efficiencies ensure real value for money
  • The most advanced IT support available in the pallet network sector
  • UK and Europe - A full range of seamless delivery services
  • The widest range of palletised freight options available in the UK
  • Consistent 99.9% safe secure on time delivery performance

UPN specialists will handle and manage your freight safely, securely, and professionally, ensuring that your goods always arrive on time and in perfect condition. UPN Customers benefit by working with a high quality pallet network that consistently provides 99.9% on time delivery performance. 

  • “By its very nature UPN are the most efficient way to transport smaller consignments of pallets"
    Dimensions Clothing
  • “UPN allows us to deal with growth and copes easily with demand fluctuations”
    Crompton Lamps
  • “Our customers demand the best value for money as well as quality of service and UPN has delivered”
    Robinson Healthcare

Our business is focused on value for money, cost effective movement of consignments of palletised freight. The UPN network provides significant operational efficiencies and delivers the widest range of services available in the UK.

Our network of 90+ palletised freight distribution specialists work in total harmony to provide a cohesive highly reliable range of services across the UK and Europe.