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First class carbon neutral delivery for palletised freight

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Partnering with Carbon Neutral Britain
for 100% carbon neutral deliveries

UPN we have a real commitment to do what we can to help protect our planet. Our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain is a major UPN commitment to optimise our ethical position in this crucial area. CNB offers full transparency on its global projects in developing regions, focusing on education, employment, clean water, energy, and conservation efforts.


All United Pallet Network Deliveries are now Carbon Neutral. The carbon footprint of all palletised freight deliveries handled by our members across our UK network is now calculated and carbon offset to become Carbon Neutral.

Working with Carbon Neutral Britain we offset our company's carbon emissions by investing in carbon offsetting programmes upfront for each financial quarter. All deliveries are offset in real time as a proactive measure to minimise our environmental impact.


Carbon Neutral Britain is providing Carbon Emissions Reporting to clearly, accurately, and transparently demonstrate how the carbon footprint of the UPN network has been calculated and offset via the ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol accounting standards.

These are the two largest and most recognised methods for carbon footprint calculation in the world used by the UK Government and all public agencies.

The Report confirms how emissions have been validated and offset via CNB, with third party assurance.


It involves every team member and extending to our clients, suppliers, and stakeholders. Together, we're driving positive change, with each delivery bringing us closer to a sustainable future. For us, sustainability is not just a duty; it's our passion and pledge to the planet, ensuring our actions today contribute to a lasting legacy for future generations.
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