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    First Class Travel is about leading the pack

Our Network

  • A proven distribution system
  • Maximises fleet utilisation
  • National network, local service
  • Maximises green credentials
  • Optimises operational efficiency
  • Safe secure and highly flexible
  • Supported by cutting edge IT

From our centrally located hub near Lichfield Staffordshire, UPN operates a simple and effective hub and spoke distribution system specifically for palletised freight. The system links the national UPN network of 90+ member depots that collects and delivers freight every day from across the UK, and Europe.

  • A highly efficient hub and spoke distribution system for palletised freight
  • With trunk fleet utilisation at 83% against a haulage sector average of 53%
  • Linking the nationwide UPN network of 90+ member depots

Working in harmony, UPN and our members provide industry-leading service for palletised freight.

Each member collects freight daily from allocated postcode areas for consolidation onto hub trunk vehicles. Once nightly trunks reach the UPN central hub each pallet is checked, scanned, in, and sorted. Outbound freight is loaded onto return trunks for each member responsible for delivery, carefully checked and scanned out.

Freight is shipped to the delivery depot, unloaded, checked, scanned, and sorted into areas, and time requirements, for end delivery by one of over 5,000 local vehicles. Live signature capture via UPN SmartPOD ensures that “proof of delivery” signatures are available instantly.

UPN SmartHUB is a purpose developed 250,000 sq. ft. central Sortation facility on a ten-acre site. It is fully supported by an all-encompassing cross network SmartHUB IT system providing full support to all members. £3,000,000 has been invested in a facility that meets the exact requirements of the UPN network and provides extensive capacity for business growth for the next decade and beyond.